Team Increased!

David Landers, our new 3D artist.

We’re still needing a flash “artist” to do the UI in Scaleform GFx.
Contact us, by commenting here, if you are interested.

Two Awesome Concept Artists

We are glad to announce we have two new members.

Two awesome concept artists.

Check out their work:
Peter Ryczkowski
Gonçalo “ZangaKid”

They are currently working on the soldier and medic of each faction so expect to have them here soon.

Meanwhile, I’ll be tweaking the sniper rifle, and implement “cross-actor” bullets. Multiple headshots. Hell yheah! 😀
Hope to post a video of that next week.

BTW, we are still looking for 3D modelers and scaleform experts. We need menus and hud to start making the network tests with more people.

Sprawl Game Development – Some Network Tests

Some footage from network tests.

Includes a sniper with these models and animations:…

Until we have our own models we’ll stick with this one.

Recoil, Reload, Zoom and Knife

Shame we don’t have an animator yet or we would have iron sights too.


We make a few tests playing over the internet, and we are also glad to announce that only the level restarting does not work flawlessly on the server. Everything else works, for what we could test, indeed, flawlessly 😛

Sprawl Game Development Video – Perk Stamina and Sprint

This video is a little bit more confusing.

Here we present you the perk system with only one perk (for now).
This perk just increases player’s stamina allowing him to sprint a little longer.
The perk system works with a chain of perks, and each perk is unlocked
when a pre-defined score/xp is reached. Each perk can also automatically level up and increasing it’s effectiveness.

So, looking to the top left corner you can see the NextPerkToActivate showing 0 which means the stamina perk is yet to be unlocked and bellow, all the variables with [0] representing the state of the stamina perk.
At last, the PerkStaminaFactor representing the factor applied to the current Maximum Stamina based on the current state of the perk.

You can see when I reach score=5 that the perk is fully leveled up (shows Complete[0]=true) and the MaxStamina is now 4.1550 instead of the initial 4.0.

Unfortunately it may not be clear, but this video was also supposed to show that the player is forced to cease sprinting when he starts to shoot.

Artsy people, assemble!

That’s right, we here at The Sprawl Secret HQ are running low on artistic value, since we’re all from a programming background it’s mandatory that we have no sense of aesthetics.

So right now we need this: Concept Artists , Modelers and Texturers Textureeres Texture Guys/Gals.

So, if you think you got what it takes leave a comment with a link to your work and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Sprawl Game Development VIDEOS

This video shows the pawn’s mesh changing as the player switches team.

This video shows how the soldier and medic have a different weapon inventory.

As we don’t have modelers yet, we are using the default UDK meshes.
So we have the linkgun as an assault rifle, which is the weapon the medic does not have, the pistol is the rocket launcher, and the instagib is the knife.

The knife is supposed to be closed range 1 hit kill, and the same logic will be applied to the medic’s syringe, which will be used to heal wounded and revive dead players.

This video shows the pawn’s mesh changing as the player switches team.

And here we are on the Web

Hey everyone, welcome to our little corner of the internet. As you can see we don’t really have that much information on this new game but that will soon change.