Sneak peek

well.. here is a sneak peek on what I’ve been working on.

The grenade indicator is the only thing static since I haven’t implement grenades yet 😛

oh the possibilities….

BTW, If you’re a flash or 2d artist and think you can do a better hud, well… come join us then we have cookies
I’ll help you with the actionscript and unrealscript if you want.
Just leave your email on a comment or email me at: rui . coelho 86 |at| gmail . com
And don’t worry about your email address being visible to everyone as I won’t approve your comment, so… no problemo ^^

Currently Looking For:

We are currently looking for:
– a level designer to start making our first map
– a sound effect expert to start making weapon effects
– a Flash artist to make the User Interface (actionscript and scaleform integration knowledge is NOT required. what is required is to know how to do awesome menus or hud animations :))

check who’s the team here

Sprawl Game Development – Double Headshot

Here you can see two things.
Localized damaged, and pawn-crossing bullets.

I first shot the pawn’s leg which took less damage.
And then do a double headshot.

As the headshot takes enough damage to kill the pawn, both pawns die, including the one behind which still had 100 HP.

For now, we just distinguish between 3 zones. Head, Limbs (arms and legs) and body (the rest of it).
Headshots have boosted damaged. Limbs have reduced damaged. And the rest of the body has normal damage.

oh.. and you can also see the shitty in-game options I did hehe

edit: hm sorry, I forgot to show you clearly the aim bobing and hold breath feature, but believe me is there 😛
hope I don’t forget to put it on the next video.

We’re still here

Just to let you guys know how we are going.

Sketches of the characters are all done and the illustrators are now detailing them. We’ll post them here when we get the final version.

Regarding the programming, I have stop doing the actor-crossing bullets and started doing the menus and hud in scaleform as we haven’t found anybody who could help us. I don’t know anything about flash and I’m a disaster in everything graphic-related, so we’ll have the worst menus in the game history until we get somebody to do them.

I’ve also added aim bobbing and a hold breath feature to the sniper, I’ll show you that too when I do the next video.