We’re still here

Just to let you guys know how we are going.

Sketches of the characters are all done and the illustrators are now detailing them. We’ll post them here when we get the final version.

Regarding the programming, I have stop doing the actor-crossing bullets and started doing the menus and hud in scaleform as we haven’t found anybody who could help us. I don’t know anything about flash and I’m a disaster in everything graphic-related, so we’ll have the worst menus in the game history until we get somebody to do them.

I’ve also added aim bobbing and a hold breath feature to the sniper, I’ll show you that too when I do the next video.

One Response to We’re still here

  1. KuraiNozomi says:

    This looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it progress further.
    (I came here through the project forum on ConceptArt.org)
    It doesn’t look incredibly like cyberpunk though, but I don’t know if you are changing this.
    Also, if you are going to make a multiplayer or mmo, I would like to suggest female characters if you don’t already have them.
    I am a female fps fan, and I have only found like 2 mmos that allow you to be female.
    I also love CoD, but wish I could be a female. D:
    haha my little 2 cents.
    And at first I thought this game was going to be a steampunk game. Man I would kill for one of those. haha
    Anyways best of luck with this! Looks good so far. ^^

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