Sprawl Development Video

Another video, showing different stuff this time:

Ammo Pack throwing and pick up
Sniper with the hold breath feature (finally)
Paranoia Augment (still wip)
Weapon Pick up
Some temporary custom Sounds (by Guy Noble )
A bit of the new HUD (by John White)
and Weapon Faster Reload Mod


All right, here goes some stuff the team has been doing.

Pistol Concept (20/03), by ZangaKid
by ZangaKid

Logo (21/03), by John White
by John White

Rebels’ Soldier Concept (21/03), by Harko Botond
by Harko Botond

New Hud Concept (22/03), by John White
by John White

Agency’s Medic Concept (24/03), by Peter Ryczkowski
by Peter Ryczkowski


Tin Talijan – 3D artist

Things are starting to gain shape. 😀

Two more to help us out.

Two more to help us out:

John White – UI Designer
Harko Botond – Concept Artist

Don’t forget to check out their work.

Current Keyboard Controls

Anything missing?! Probably…

Here is a work in progress of the agency’s medic.

Concept By Peter Ryczkowski

The SoundFX Guy

We welcome our new sound designer.

Guy Noble – Check out his work:

We are currently looking for:
– 1 Concept Artist or 2D Artist
– Modelers
– 1 Level Designer