Another progress update

Alright so, starting by welcoming new members:

João Silva

Daniel Paynter
Steve McIntyre

Giuseppe Candido

And now some of new work the team has done:
Remember Harko‘s characters:

Here are two of them modeled by Jean Gorospe:

Some buildings by Dylan Pierpoint(still WIP):

A pair of arms for first person view modeled by Matt Peadon:

A car to be used as a level prop made by Kjell Bunjes.
He isn’t part of the team but offered to give us a help:

And the stationary MG I coded xP (thanks to alvarofer0020 from UDK for the tip on SkelControls)

Who are we recruiting now?!
Right now we’re short on concepts so if you can help us with that, send me an email to rui.coelho86 |at| gmail |dot| com
Don’t let our modelers starve 😉