Slowly but surely

We’re stepping up a notch and we only accept DEDICATED people only.
Currently the team has 2 persons working full time and about 4 more dedicating most of their time to this project too.
Why? Because we sincerely believe we can do this. 😛

So, Welcoming our new Members:

Concept Artist
Mike Chen
Zachary Madere

Jason Miller

Sunjit Singh

And some updates of the work the team has done:
So Here is some of the stuff we have worked on the last few weeks:

Harko’s Botond Female Engineer (still WIP):

A work in progress of Giuseppe’s knife kill animation:
(needs a fixing, and it’s easy to fix, but we had to work on getting the characters in-game first)

A motorbike designed by Mike Chen that has already started to be modeled by Jason Miller

Adam Stockton’s team deathmatch blockout:

And Chris Divine’s Sniper rifle, ready to be rigged:

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