About The Game

It was during the big epidemic of the V-32 virus in 2031 and the collapse of the local government that the city of New Troy was born. Protected with a dome and built near the old city, the citizens that inhabit there were the selected few with enough money to afford the costly citizenship pass.

The last report of a death by V-32 was in 2040 and the local population was reduced to almost 30% of it’s original number. Immigrants and the few that survived went to live near the dome to scavenge the remains of the old city and to filter the few waste that the dome produced for the outside.
In just a decade the ruins of the old city turned into a sprawl, with their own government and law, rudimentary services, the Sprawl lived in the shade of New Troy who remained protected from the epidemic and thus flourished.

By that time, New Troy and the Sprawl were considered two separate nations, and soon a diplomatic meeting was arranged. The citizens of the Sprawl demanded that New Troy should open the dome and merge with the Sprawl to form again one unified city, the citizens of New Troy refused, not by greed but by fear, fear that opening the dome would bring in carriers of the virus that were immune but that the people of New Troy were not.

The political tension grew without any progress, protests in Sprawl increased and order decreased, soon riots and cries for a favorable decision where shouted everyday and in no time the Sprawl began collapsing upon itself.

It’s in this situation that a leader emerged in the Sprawl, a voice only known as Malloc, leader of the group Sprawl Liberation Army, he chanted words of hope but also the blood of those that let the citizens of the Sprawl to die.

Afraid of the riots and this new emergent leader, New Troy founded the Agency, a military group fueled by the five biggest corporations in the city (Ma Media Global, Evolved Genetics, Dynnet Defense, Ching-Yim Development and CTC Advanced Data). Presided by Atakrina Sova the Agency task was to gather all the information and monitor Sprawl.

As Malloc’s influence grew so did the Agency’s fears that Malloc’s agenda would soon be executed, and so a ordered hit is made on his head.
Without a leader The Sprawl Liberation Army breaks up into a cell network throughout Sprawl and retaliation becomes the word of the day and New Troy starts to deploy Agency soldiers on the outskirts of the dome in order to protect it.

It is in this conflict that Sprawl puts the player, in a fast paced, class based multiplayer first person shooter. With modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Assault and Payload Escort.

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