About The Team

The Sprawl team is composed by:

Rui Coelho – Game Director
João Silva

Story Writer
Rui Morais
André Branquinho

Sound Effects
Guy Noble

UI Designer

Concept Artist
Peter Ryczkowski– 2D Lead
Harko Botond
Dylan Pierpont
Mike Chen
Zachary Madere

Adam Stockton – Art Lead
Jean Gorospe
Matt Peadon
Chris Divine – 3D Lead
Daniel Paynter – Animation Lead
Steve McIntyre
Jason Miller

Prashanth Bhogaraju
Giuseppe Candido
Sunjit Singh

We are currently looking for:
– 1 or 2 Concept Artists
– 1 UI Designer (flash expert)
– 1 3Ds Max Rigger
– 1 3D Character Artist

You can comment here or email me at: rui . coelho 86 |at| gmail . com

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