Sprawl Game Development Video – Perk Stamina and Sprint

This video is a little bit more confusing.

Here we present you the perk system with only one perk (for now).
This perk just increases player’s stamina allowing him to sprint a little longer.
The perk system works with a chain of perks, and each perk is unlocked
when a pre-defined score/xp is reached. Each perk can also automatically level up and increasing it’s effectiveness.

So, looking to the top left corner you can see the NextPerkToActivate showing 0 which means the stamina perk is yet to be unlocked and bellow, all the variables with [0] representing the state of the stamina perk.
At last, the PerkStaminaFactor representing the factor applied to the current Maximum Stamina based on the current state of the perk.

You can see when I reach score=5 that the perk is fully leveled up (shows Complete[0]=true) and the MaxStamina is now 4.1550 instead of the initial 4.0.

Unfortunately it may not be clear, but this video was also supposed to show that the player is forced to cease sprinting when he starts to shoot.

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