Slowly but surely

We’re stepping up a notch and we only accept DEDICATED people only.
Currently the team has 2 persons working full time and about 4 more dedicating most of their time to this project too.
Why? Because we sincerely believe we can do this. 😛

So, Welcoming our new Members:

Concept Artist
Mike Chen
Zachary Madere

Jason Miller

Sunjit Singh

And some updates of the work the team has done:
So Here is some of the stuff we have worked on the last few weeks:

Harko’s Botond Female Engineer (still WIP):

A work in progress of Giuseppe’s knife kill animation:
(needs a fixing, and it’s easy to fix, but we had to work on getting the characters in-game first)

A motorbike designed by Mike Chen that has already started to be modeled by Jason Miller

Adam Stockton’s team deathmatch blockout:

And Chris Divine’s Sniper rifle, ready to be rigged:

Another progress update

Alright so, starting by welcoming new members:

João Silva

Daniel Paynter
Steve McIntyre

Giuseppe Candido

And now some of new work the team has done:
Remember Harko‘s characters:

Here are two of them modeled by Jean Gorospe:

Some buildings by Dylan Pierpoint(still WIP):

A pair of arms for first person view modeled by Matt Peadon:

A car to be used as a level prop made by Kjell Bunjes.
He isn’t part of the team but offered to give us a help:

And the stationary MG I coded xP (thanks to alvarofer0020 from UDK for the tip on SkelControls)

Who are we recruiting now?!
Right now we’re short on concepts so if you can help us with that, send me an email to rui.coelho86 |at| gmail |dot| com
Don’t let our modelers starve 😉

We need help, and they want to help.

Concept Artist:
Dylan Pierpont

Dylan already start doing some enviros, here is one of them:

Character Artists:
Jean Gorospe
Matt Peadon

Jean is working on the Rebels and Matt on the Agency’s characters.

Chris Divine

Andrew Quesenberry

Chris is already working on Harko’s sniper, and Andrew is working with Prashanth to get the the knife killing animation with the new pair of arms Matt did and Adam’s knife. Fun stuff. hehe

Stay tuned ’cause we probably will have some footage of this as soon as Epic folks fix the restarting bug on dedicated servers. (You can see more about that here).

So, do YOU want to help us too? We do have almost all areas covered now, so we are open for an extra help with Concepts, Models and Animations to accelerate the development, but now only if you’re talented. 😉

Drop me an email at rui . coelho 86 |at| gmail |dot| com with a link to your portfolio.

Peter Ryczkowski’s Tutorial – Part 3 and 4

Part 3

Part 4

By Peter Ryczkowski

New team member and Sniper Rifle Concept

We have a new team member.

An animator who join us and is now help us getting the knife killing animation:
Prashanth Bhogaraju

Harko Botond once again delivers (18/04), this time some sniper rifle concepts.

Rebels Characters

Sniper, Suppressor, Medic and Soldier

Concept By Harko Botond (06/04)

New Modeler and a New Concept Artist

Liam Fielding

Concept Artist:
Derek Poole

Applications for concept artists are now closed.
We are now looking for character modelers and animators.

More too come soon.


All right, here goes some stuff the team has been doing.

Pistol Concept (20/03), by ZangaKid
by ZangaKid

Logo (21/03), by John White
by John White

Rebels’ Soldier Concept (21/03), by Harko Botond
by Harko Botond

New Hud Concept (22/03), by John White
by John White

Agency’s Medic Concept (24/03), by Peter Ryczkowski
by Peter Ryczkowski


Tin Talijan – 3D artist

Things are starting to gain shape. 😀

Two more to help us out.

Two more to help us out:

John White – UI Designer
Harko Botond – Concept Artist

Don’t forget to check out their work.